The course is officially measured in April 2015 via Jones Counter. The length off the course is  2309,33meters.

The height profile off the course is situated between -1 and +3 meters altitude. 


Hight profile 

Hoogte profiel



Parkoers kaartje



The marathon starts 627,06m from the start/finish line. After reaching this point the first time 18 complete loops should be completed. At the 19th passing of the start/finish line the marathon is completed. 



6 hours:
Men: Marc Papanikitas 86.429 meter (2007)
Women: Leonie Ton 77.934 meter (2017) 
Teams: Albrandswaard 99.079,00 meter (2005)

Men: Wouter De Cock 2:38:29 (2017)
Women: Selina van der Vliet 3:10:21 (2012)
Teams: La FaLeRick 2:53:23 (2008)

24 hours:
Men: Jon Olsen 269,675 meter (2013)
Women: Mami Kudo 252,205 meter (2013)
Teams: AV Weert 330,669 meter (2009)

Man: Dan Lawson 152,040 meter (2017)
Women: Wilma Dierx 122,235 meter (2017) 


Weather Conditions

The average weather conditions in the past 5 years:

Max. Temperature: 18.6 °C (daytime)
Min. Temperature: 6.8 °C (nighttime)
Avg. Temperature: 13.0 °C

Humidity: 69.6%
Wind Speed: 3 Bft

Weather conditions can vary in the Netherlands. Athletes need to be prepared for all-round weather conditions. Based on the experience of the last years athletes should take into account the possibility of rain and cold nights. During daytime temperatures can vary between 10°C and 25°C. Weather forecasts will be provided by the LOC in the week of the event.